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SW39N Single Winder Staircase

Ordering your staircase online

If you require any assistance when ordering your staircase you can contact us on 01952 608853.
Watch our Video Guide on a Winder Staircase installation including flatpack assembly option
SW39N Winder Staircase Left Handed

SW39N Winder Staircase Left Handed

The Picture shows a SW39N staircase left handed .

(Shown with handrails)
SW39N Winder Staircase Right Handed

SW39N Winder Staircase Right Handed

The Picture shows a SW39N staircase Right handed .

(Shown with handrails)

4 Tread Winder options

4 Tread Winder options
We can also offer 4 Tread Winder Staircases

Layout shown SW48N R/H 2600mm rise

(Staircase Winding 4 8 straight treads Nosing)

Contact us to order sales@tradestairs.com
Staircases Manufactured By Stairplan

Staircases Manufactured By Stairplan

Stairplan Staircase Manufacturers

Phone 01952 608853
Fax 01952 228680

Email sales@tradestairs.com

What to Do ?

Tick the box that your floor to floor height falls in between and then select your floor to floor height from the drop down menu.

Delivery Charges

Currently for online purchases we are only offering delivery for Mainland England and Wales.
The cost of a Staircase Delivery is £100.00 + vat

The prices offer on the website offer huge savings for buying online compared to buying through normal processes.

To see some of the staircases in production go to - Stairplan.co.uk - Winder Staircases

Our Workshop Facilities

Take a look at our Workshop

We use the latest in CNC technology and have one of the most advanced staircase production facilities in the country.
What is Engineered Pine ?

What is Engineered Pine ?

Engineered Pine is secions of Pine glued together to form a wider section.

Stability - Engineered Pine offers greater stability than wide boards.

Environment - Engineered Pine is better for the environment Our engineered pine comes from managed forests and because smaller sections of timber are used the result is less waste.

Why ? - When it comes to entry level softwood staircases the lowest cost material is Whitewood, whitewood is a fairly soft timber and will usualy have fairly large knots is prone to Shakes and Sap pockets and isnt the best when it comes to stability, all this coupled with the fact that the White wood doesnt match with Pine stairparts is why we have invested in Engineered Pine.
Engineered pine has been used in the Pine furniture industry for many years now and is a proven product.

Price - With our volume buying power and optimimum sized panels we are able to offer staircases made from quality materials at the lowest prices.

Life span - We recommend upgrading your Treads from MDF to Engineered pine this will increase the life time of your staircase.

Not Quite what you are looking for ?

If the size of what we have available to order online isnt to your requirments and you need something a liitle more bespoke or you would like your staircase in something like Oak contact us with your requirments.

Phone 01952 608853

Email - sales@stairplan.com

For More information on the stairs we can offer visit Stairplan.com